Monday, 31 August 2009

Help! Where's Mum gone?

Those women came back again today. It was good to see some more friendly faces. I don’t think they could get over how much we’ve grown. Well we all have – we’re bigger, hairier, madder and badder than we were two weeks ago! We came to the kennel door in a tide. A tide of 9 eager pups is hard to hold back, but they managed it and none of us managed to get out. I’m glad we didn’t as there were jeans to grab and shoelaces to tug on and that younger woman to climb all over. We had great fun.

I hadn’t realised that Mum had gone out as we were all busy playing and clambering over the younger woman. Mum’s not come back –it’s strange without her and there’s no topping up from Mum now. I’ve lost the red nail varnish on my back, probably from all that mucking about with the other pups. Yesterday I had a line of hair clipped across my neck so that I’ll be recognisable. I had my photo taken again too. Wow, am I famous? …..but where is our mum? Do you think I’ll see her again? From the way one of those women was speaking I think it might be yes – whoopee!

Monday, 24 August 2009

My Mum and the rest of us!

I thought you might like to see a photo of my Mum. She's still thin despite loads of feeding and she came in to the rescue centre thin and unwanted, just a couple of weeks before we were born.
Mum is great and this is one of us when she came to feed us again. You can't see me, I'm at the back, but do look closely at the blonde pup by her front legs - have you ever seen a banana back like that before ......and the back legs? Talk about begging or is this being just plain greedy?

Monday, 17 August 2009

I'm here!

I've got a friend or have I found a friend? Two women came to see my Mum again today, Their brows were furrowed and they took her out. 'Just a rickle of bones,' I heard one of them say. They're right. My poor Mum is in a right mess and I don't know how that was allowed to happen but she is slowly getting better. I'm sure we're not helping Mum as she's been good to us and fed us well, but now we're on solids too we hope that will be good news for her. After they came back in with Mum they asked to look at me and my siblings. Nine of us survived from the eleven born. We're a mixture of colours but I'm, well I don't know what I'm going to be but I'm not blonde like my mum and some of my litter mates.

Anyway in they came, towering over me. The rest of the pack were flat out but I thought the younger person looked interesting so I waddled over to her. She grinned and spoke to me. I wagged my tail, I mucked about, bounced around, looked sweet, bit her finger a few times and then she took me outside and had a reet good look at me. Now I've got three marks on my back - red nail varnish. Yep nail varnish, except it's on my back? They said we have to know who you are. Eeek! I'm a marked lassie already.

Apparently she'll be back when I'm eight weeks old and then I have to move from here another country! How exciting! I hope they're ready for me. I liked the look of them and I reckon life could be pretty good in my new life. I mean we can't all stay here forever as there are far too many of us and other dogs need to come in here to be looked after and found new homes. I heard the younger woman say, 'I think this is the one that's chosen me. It's gonna have to be her.'