Sunday, 15 November 2009

Crashing changes

It's weird how things seem to conspire. I reckon that's how it's been for us recently. My computer crashed big time and that was 7+ weeks of uni work lost and a very dejected student .....and thankfully a wonderfully understanding supervisor. It has been weird being derailed and trying to get back on track. Slowly I'm getting there or so I hope.

There are a pile of books to work my way through too and the academic ones take some digesting! I have wondered if having a course that is both academic and creative is divisive for me. I can't work easily with my head in two different modes – that’s just me. Take one step at a time in one direction and don't try different cardinal points at the same time.

Worryingly my poetic head seems to have gone quiet for now and so I'm trying to make some things in my head and my notebook come to fruition but alas nothing with any degree of decency for this semester's portfolio so far. That's strange as there have been a couple of acceptances for things I was bullied into submitting for. I'm terrible at submitting work! I think it comes from the childhood fear of rejection ....and there was plenty of that from my father - but he was another story.

Mother and daughter playing up at the farm

So, as for Wigeon - well how she's changing! I see subtle differences in her every few days. She loves the mad times playing with her mum each day when we're at the farm. The quiet meals I used to have with my mum are a thing of the past as the mad canine mother and daughter are playing like crazy animals utterly possessed by fun and speed.

Having seen the dreadful state that Teasel was in when she was in the rescue centre it’s good to look back at how much she’s changed; hopefully making her such a happy hound. I wonder how she would have settled in if one of her pups hadn’t come to live near by? I’m sure she’d have been happy with her two rescue friends at the farm.

More photos of Wigeon soon! This photo shows how long the young upstart is and how she lolls about when she's tired out ......guess what happened next....... the same vein as the post she quietly slid onto the floor.  Yep, she was to be found crashed out on the carpet!


Titus said...

Wigeon! My list is not being updated when you post! I'l be back for a proper read.

Wigeon said...

Hey Titus no worries - you can't do everything given your busy life ....or can you?!

angryparsnip said...

I can not believe how big Wigeon has gotten.
I love the picture of her sleeping on the sofa.

Wigeon said...

Thanks Parsnip. She's certainly growing with every week ....sometimes it seems every day! This last photo on here makes her look, in terms of lurchers and long dogs, a really long long dog.

Titus said...

Hi Wigeon, can't get to Stirling tonight (weather!) so a little drop of time has appeared!

Mortified for you about the computer crash, but thank goodness you're finding a way through it. Also interested in the comment about the dividing of your attention between creative and academic - I've thought hard about that, and imagine it must be difficult.

Writing is best not forced. I can do it, and sometimes make myself, but the best stuff for me comes with emotion, and the arrival of that is a lot harder to control. Strangely, my most controlled poems are written when I'm blazing angry about something.

Wigeon! Buy a new sofa!

I can't seem to work the Dorset Cereals site at the moment, and wonder if they save up all new nominations until December. Or else it's just me!

Hope I will see you sometime next week.

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

nice post, magnificent!

Wigeon said...

Jesson and Rey Ann thanks for stopping by. My blog on Wigeon is way overdue an update! Work and health have prevented. Wigeon has grown into one heck of a character.