Sunday, 1 November 2009

Da bus driver has crashed the bus

Last week I said this is the latest challenge from TFE. Alas it was the last challenge and I only managed to find the bus trips near the end of their life. Apparently TFE put Einstein in charge of the bus and he and Shirley Brassy had a bit of a dust up (don't ask!) and .....well, he's crashed. So TFE says no more challenges which is a huge shame ......but a big thank you to him for the chance to try these writes.
It's intresting how one's style can change with a prompt that is so different to the normal ones that come up in your head. I'm very much writing to a theme just now for my university work and so the challenges have been very out of my own particular sphere for uni and for the way I live my life in the outback of the Border hills.

As for Wigeon, well I looked at her at the beginning of the week and thought how tall she looked. Yesterday I looked at her and thought how long she looked. Puppies, foals, lambs, calves, kids (of the human variety) .....most young things seem to grow in many different ways. I can imagine some part of their brains saying to them, 'OK then, it's the legs this week,' and then 'better put some effort into the length.' I'd love to know if there's a specific growth pattern to youngsters of whatever species. Anybody know anything about this?


Titus said...

Just the same with one of the boys. He goes up, legs stretch. Then he stops going up and gets a bit fatter. Then his legs start stretching again. Weird. Have no biological knowledge as to why.
Aren't dogs born with the same size paws as they'll have as adults, or is that an old wives'?

Wigeon said...

I know about sigmoid curves but not with growth patterns in species. I must try to find out as I've no idea how big this wee Wigeon will be when she's a big girl. We do know the size of her mum as she was rescued too, but as for her dad ......?
I don't think paws at birth are a sign otherwise she wouldn't have escaped from the womb. They are big! I looked back at a photo I had of her at 5 weeks too and they're huge now in comparison. Her mum has massive feet though and she's not a huge dog. Who knows?! Time will tell.